With 25 years of experience from owner, Phyllis Jablonowski, a team of the most talented designers in Philadelphia, and a phenomenal group of planners, Eventricity has reached a turning point.

We are excited to announce the launch of our 2014 rebranding with our fresh new look and our redesigned website! Check out our new logo…


New look. New logo. New Year.

We have always been incredible at  what we do (if I do say so myself….), and the high quality, personalized event planning, design, and decor which you have come to expect from us will not change. We are just wrapping things up in a prettier box and tying it all together with a lovely bow. Hmmm……Maybe a purple satin ribbon with an elegant, classic loop bow, handmade – of course….Ok, I’m getting off track. But, we are in the business of making things lovely- sometimes it’s difficult to turn that off. You understand, of course?

We create experiences. Always have, always will. We can make them as magical and beautiful as you’d like. You tell us your story, and we will incorporate it into every detail. It’s what we do and what we love. We’re still us, we’re just shining things up a bit. And who doesn’t like a little sparkle?

Please show us some love by visiting out new social media sites and liking/following us. We promise to create tons of interesting and educational content, and we can’t wait to get started.

We hope to have and incredible 2014, and, as always, we wish you the best.